Research and development of applications that perform the tasks desired by our customers, in areas such as machine learning, robotics or machine vision.

Meet the needs of our customers is our goal, we believe that the development of new ideas focused on real problems is a factor of major motivation for our team.
The choice of tools to perform a particular work is the first and most important step in the creation and development of any product. Our team ensures the right choice to provide the best product to our customers.



SARKKIS Keramica is an industrial application that uses a hybrid programming model allowing the user to sketch the desired trajectory. Moreover uses an advanced 3D graphical system to tune the ...



SARKKIS Robotics is focused on the development of the future of advanced robotic systems. SARKKIS Robotics participates in FP7 SMErobotics project consortium (www.smerobotics.org) that is the European Robotics Initiative for Strengthening the Competitiveness of SMEs ...


The CoopWeld project aimed to develop a collaborative robotic cell to perform the assembly and welding of components in steel structures. The solution developed combined offline programming software, advanced perception ...