Human-Machine Interaction in sensitive tasks.

SARKKIS Keramica is an industrial application that uses a hybrid programming model allowing the user to sketch the desired trajectory. Moreover uses an advanced 3D graphical system to tune the robot trajectory.

Main features:
  • Advanced human-machine interface.
  • Reliable human-computer interaction.
  • Intuitive teaching device (contour acquisition) using an infrared machine vision system.
  • Flexibility for different shapes.
  • Independence to geometry complexity.
  • Contour trajectories can be saved in xml or csv.
  • Automatic generation of robot trajectories and auxiliary moves.
  • Use of 3D graphics interaction for a more intuitive tuning of robot frames.
Scientific Publication:

Veiga, G.; Cancela, R.; Malaca, P., “Interactive industrial robot programming for the ceramic industry “, Submitted, accepted and wait for publishing on INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED ROBOTIC SYSTEMS: Industrial Robots.

  • Keramica Prog Table 1
  • Keramica Prog Table 2
  • Keramica Prog Table 3
  • Keramica Prog Table 4
  • Keramica Contour Definition Screen
  • Keramica Tool Adjust Tab
  • Keramica Points Dialog
  • Keramica Work Cell
  • Keramica Prototype Cell