Bin-Picking For Tyre Ind

Artificial vision – Bin-Picking and Track Classification For Tyre Industry

The tyre recycling/reuse industry in modern countries has undergone tremendous growth in recent years due to an increased awareness of the enormous environmental impact of this residue. Despite all these efforts, this industry is still taking its first steps, which is visible both in the exploration of the different aspects of reuse/recycling, and in the development/maturity of recycling equipment. The objective of this project was the validation of the use of an industrial robot to perform tyre transfer from unstructured piles and its inspection.

Main features:
  • Laser triangulation for capture the working area.
  • Object recognition and pose estimation.
  • Tyre track classification.
  • Transfer of tyres from an unstructured to a structured environment.
  • Flexibility for different models of tyres.

1st Honor Mention in Valorpneu Innovation Award (2011).

  • Tyre Pipe
  • Tyre Track Classification
  • Prototype Cell
  • Results