Beam Cutting Robot Software – MetroID BeamCUT

BeamCUT From the project to efficient beam cutting robot programs.

Starting from structural steel detailing files, MetroID BeamCUT transform structural profile geometric data into highly efficient beam cutting robot programs.
Using files generated from Tekla® , SDS/2®, Autodesk™ Revit and similar, MetroID BeamCut generates eficient robot programs for plasma cutting.

MetroID BeamCUT supports communication modules that allow the integration of different plasma sources. Plasma cutting parameters have already been developed for all major plasma cutting brands, including  Hypertherm® or ESAB®, Kjellberg®, but can be customized to the client specific equipment.

MetroID BeamCUT is a fully featured robotics software that generates ready to run beam cutting robot programs. It includes advanced path planning algorithms that produce collision free beam cutting robot programs, which means on click from the software to production. No simulation is required to verify the quality of the robot programs. MetroID supports all major robotic brands, including  ABB, FANUC, Motoman, Kuka, COMAU, but can be customized to any client specific equipment.

MetroID BeamCUT now supports IFC files.

Since 2015 MetroID BeamCUT fully supports the IFC file format. This major upgrade allows this software application to be completely integrated in the new digital era for steel construction.

IFC is an open file format specification, platform neutrl, that is not controlled by any vendors. It is an object-based file format with a data model developed by buildingSMART (formerly the International Alliance for Interoperability, IAI) that facilitates the interoperability in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. it is commoncly used as collaboration format in the Building Information Modelling based projects. The IFC model specification is powerfull, superseding the the limitations of DSTV or HGG formats, and is an official International Standard ISO 16739:2013.

Main features:

  • DSTV file format import and management (.nc or .xml).
  • IFC 4.0 file format.
  •  3D profile modeling and 2D detailed view.
  • Designing robot tasks that include groups of cuts and specific plasma parameters.
  • Project oriented workflow.
  • Customize work cell parameters.
  • Multilanguage user interface.
  • Integrated process parameters databases.
  • Task-independent process parameters.
  • Scribing and marking (optional).
  • Task sequencing and continuous cutting (optional).
  • MetroID DSTV Editor (optional).
  • Advanced collision free path planning.
  • Efficient beam cutting robot programs



  • BeamCUT_1
  • BeamCUT_3
  • BeamCUT_4
  • BeamCUT_5
  • Work Cell 2
  • Work Cell 1