DSTVEditor – Edit or Create DSTV Files

MetroID DSTVEditor allows the user edit DSTV files and prepare them for machine production.

Edit your DSTV files

MetroID DSTVEditor is a stand-alone graphical interface that processes DSTV files.
The DSTVEditor can read a wide range of DSTV blocks (or types of operations) including, external and internal contours (AK, IK), holes and long holes (BO ), marking and powder marking (PU, KO) for  I-Beams, U-channels, L Profiles and Rectangular tubes.
DSTVEditor can also be used as a fully featured DSTV editor to create DSTV files from scratch in an office environment.The main purpose of the MetroID DSTVEditor is to give the factory floor operator the ability to edit or create DSTV files previously produced by the steel detailing software such as  Tekla® , SDS/2® or Autodesk™ Revit.

Main features:

  • Import and Export DSTV files.
  • Add holes, contours (copping), bevels, chamfer
  • Reposition holes, contours (copping), bevels, chamfer
  • Edit or create DSTV files.
  • Create and designing your own DSTV files directly.
  • 2D and 3D Viewer.
  • Designed for touch screen, with modern user interfaces inertial scrolling with direct input, drag’n’drop features, etc.
  • Compatible multiple profile sections  (W, S, C, H, HSS…similar) from different standards:  ASTM/AISC, EN, BS, JIS, NZ and GOST.

DSTV details:

  • Holes, Longholes and BlindHoles
  • Contours and Notches
  • Marks
  • Scribbing

About the  DSTV file format:

The DSTV file format is an industrial standard defined by the German Steel Construction Association (Deutsche Stahlbau-Verband).
In the last 20 years, the format has become an international standard for communicating with beam lines, drill lines, coping machines and plate cutting.
Although limited in comparison with the IFC file format, the DSTV file format is still widely used for the information transfer between steel detailing software and fabrication machinery.

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