PlanCUT – Nesting Cutting Software

Nesting cutting robot/cnc programs.

MetroID PlanCUT allows the import of plate cuts and organize them into efficient and material saving cuts.

Starting from CAD (DXF) or DSTV geometry files, MetroID PlanCUT uses state-of-the art nesting algorithms to produce efficient cutting machine programs.

Main features:
  • DSTV and DXF file formats importing and management.
  • User definable bevel angles.
  • 2D detail multi-views + Raw plates and cutting geometries representation.
  • True geometry nesting with highly efficient algorithms.
  • Post-nesting manual geometry positioning.
  • Task designer for cutting features grouping and cutting parameters management.
  • Customizable work cell parameters.
  • Integrated process parameters database.
  • Task-independent process parameters
  • MetroID PlanCUT 1
  • MetroID PlanCUT 2
  • MetroID PlanCUT 3
  • MetroID PlanCUT 4